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Supercharge your alumni network

Our artificial intelligence technology is the Easy Button for all of your alumni to help throughout the student journey. Automated and without another app.
Convert more prospects

Help prospective students decide for you by getting invaluable perspectives from relevant alumni.

Increase student success

Connect students with the best alumni for career guidance, mentoring, or quick networking.

Strengthen alumni affinity

Let graduates seamlessly tap the expertise and connections of their alumni community.

Connecting all Blue Devils

Hundreds of thousands of Duke University alumni, students, staff, and supporters use Protopia to easily network with each other.

What stood out for us with Protopia’s solution is that it is platform-agnostic and all of our alumni are automatically included as advisers.

Sterly Wilder

Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

Duke Alumni Association

Welcome to

We’ve made networking simple.

For everyone.

How does it work?

They ask.

Alumni, students, staff etc. simply submit questions on projects, internships, jobs, or other challenges.

We recruit.

Our AI technology finds and recruits the best, available alumni that we predict will help with the question.

Alumni answer.

Alumni choose privately to help or pass (via email or SMS), and we collect updated data and feedback.

You analyze.

You optionally moderate and receive alerts. And access real-time, actionable insights via your private dashboard.

Our alumni, our students, and our team are app’d out. We chose Protopia because we need a simple and scalable tool to let our alumni give back without throwing another platform at them.

Nancy Merritt

Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations

University of Pittsburgh

Ready to connect everyone?

Let our AI help you activate the 80% of alumni sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right opportunities to help.

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