Artificial intelligence to help you scale constituent engagement and grow your donor pipeline.

Our AI Engagement technology connects all of your alumni and students for career support -- while activating the donor prospects you care most about. All without another app in their (or your) busy lives.

Connecting All Denisonians

A shared vision of community between Alumni Affairs and Career Services at Denison University fueled a strong partnership and meaningful career outcomes for students and graduates.

Protopia bridges the gap with alumni who might have otherwise remained disconnected, allowing them to contribute their expertise and support to students and fellow alumni. Our experience with Protopia has been transformative, and we anticipate further integration into classrooms and a robust marketing campaign to amplify its impact.

Sallie Sistare
Executive Director of Alumni & Family Engagement
Denison University

How many more platforms do you need?

Let's call it: your constituents are not looking for another platform in their busy lives. Neither are your students. Or your already-stretched team.

If you're like most institutions, 5% of your alumni have signed up, there's very little activity (especially from students) and yet you're investing a lot of staff time "trying to make it work."

It's not the networking platform's fault. It's that your alumni are simply tired of new things to sign up for, learn, and use. It's never been easier to build one, and never been harder to make them work. When is the last time you logged into your alma mater's platform (be honest)?

What if instead of asking alumni to come to your platform, you go where they already are? Make engagement simple for them, for students, and for you? And scale that to every alum, student, supporter and faculty through artificial intelligence -- while boosting your CASE Alumni Engagement Metrics?

Welcome to Protopia.

How Protopia works

We make it easy for alumni, students, faculty and supporters to ask for advice and use artificial intelligence technology to get these high-impact opportunities into the hands of current and future donors.

Who love helping without signing up for or using another app in their busy lives.

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Activating Blue Devils

Hundreds of thousands of Duke University alumni and supporters are seamlessly served personalized donor experiences.

With a community as large and diverse as ours, we needed a truly different and innovative solution to connect our alumni and students. Protopia’s AI has made networking simple, seamless, and scalable and allowed us to engage so many new people, and all without another app to sign up for or use for our already busy alumni.

Sterly Wilder
Senior Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement and Development
Duke University


Story Time!

We've delivered thousands of impactful digital donor experiences at institutions like Duke, NC State, Pitt, and SIU. Here are some of our favorites ones.

Oh, and here's how they felt about the experience of "simply helping."

Duke Alum
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We all remember being students and having many questions about succeeding at Duke and beyond - great to have this tool for asking and answering questions among the community of students and the knowledge base present with alumni. Super easy to use and respond to.
Michigan Alum
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I was so pleased that someone seeking support and guidance for a path I have already taken was able to utilize this program to find me. It was very fulfilling to be able to be helpful.
Emory Alum
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I loved speaking with the prospective student and sharing my experience at Emory. She was very curious about the arts and I was happy to share the benefit of pursuing a BA compared to a BFA.
Cal State Northridge Alum
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I was so pleased that someone seeking support and guidance for a path I have already taken was able to utilize this program to find me. It was very fulfilling to be able to be helpful.
Duke Alum
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What an easy way to connect with other Dukies! Just getting started is often the hardest thing to do in a new place, so we talked about ways she can engage as a volunteer, art lover and alum. We'll continue to stay in touch and will meet in person as soon as we resume in-person events.
NC State Alum
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Providing mentorship and support to students is a fantastic way to give back to NCSU! I'm so glad that Ask the Pack has allowed me to provide such support. Go pack!
Pitt Alum
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My Ask Pitt Alumni experience was amazing. It provides a great way to give back. I responded that I wanted to help and we set up a half hour meeting. The process was super simple and easy.
Ohio University Alum
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It was a rewarding experience being able to (hopefully) help out a fellow Bobcat. I would have loved having an opportunity to ask questions similar to Liv's when I was in school, and it would have been great to get responses from multiple alumni.

Our alumni, our students, and our team are app’d out. We chose Protopia because we need a simple and scalable tool to let our alumni give back without throwing another platform at them.

Nancy Merritt
Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations
University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association

Nancy Merritt - Pitt

Ready for AI to scale donor engagement?

Protopia's no-app artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for your alumni and donors to help fellow graduates throughout the student lifecycle - increasing enrollment, career success, and giving.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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On October 11th, join us for a great panel discussion featuring Lynne Wester of The DRG Group, Tyrell Warren-Burnett from Oregon State University, and Colin Hennessy from The University of Iowa Center for Advancement on lead generation using cutting-edge digital fundraising technologies and the tactics that underpin them.