Students have questions.

Alumni have answers.

We make connecting them super easy.

Without another app, fear, or guilt.

Engagement done right. Finally.

Our #NoUI AI-driven alumni engagement reaches 10x more graduates than traditional portals and directories.

Engaging the “Unengaged” through micro-volunteering.

An alum who volunteers is 3x more likely to donate in the future. So we make volunteering super easy. Even for your team.

We are different.

We make it easy for your alumni and students to connect by removing all that is in the way.

No new app to sign up for or log into. No fear of rejection for students. No feeling guilty for being busy for alumni.


Students ask.

It’s hard to ask for help. Who do I ask? Who is available? What if I don’t hear back?

With Protopia, it couldn’t be simpler. Students ask and Protopia finds + recruits the best, available alumni to help until they have one or more responses.


Alumni answer.

We ask 5-10 of the most-relevant alumni (unbeknown to the student) if they can help. They can choose to share advice, offer a call, or set up a meeting – right from their email.

Not a good time? No worries. Protopia will simply engage the next-best alum in the queue.


You get data.

Manage and monitor how your alumni and students engage or update their data with real-time alerts or reports.

Or view and export comprehensive engagement data via our rich analytics dashboard.

Easier = More Engagement

65% of alumni open our emails and 35% engage. Because they’re looking for the right opportunity to make the impact.

See Protopia live
We have many innovators on and off-campus, and experienced entrepreneurs and mentors that want to give back. With Protopia, we finally have an easy and effective tool to connect them.
Lewis Sheats AVP, Entrepreneurship, NC State University

We love easy.

So do your alumni and students.

It’s easy to ask for help. Easy to give help. And easy to manage. Because it needs to be.

We need simple!