The simplest engagement platform for Higher Education

Our Friendraising AI makes connecting super easy for your students, for your alumni, and for you. Without a new app or another login.

Show me simple


We use artificial intelligence to connect the right community members at the right time. On their terms.


Small or large networks. One or many colleges. We connect your tribes without headaches for you.


We track, analyze, and report engagement to you in real-time. In our dashboard or where you need it.

Rule #1

Make it easy

Helping is easy and rewarding when it's relevant. Our AI matches student requests to the
right alumni to create a "fertile soil" for connections.

How does that work?
Rule #2

No new tools

With Protopia your students and alumni connect through the tools they already
use: Email, Slack, SMS.

So that they can focus on building relationships.

Now you're talking

Rule #3

Think like they do

Don't make anyone feel bad because they're busy. With Protopia your alumni control
if, when, and how to help. Guilt-free.

Engagement on their terms.

We definitely need that

Your students and alumni are looking for
meaningful engagement with each other.
Not another app to log in to.

We are looking for more than a pretty UI

Powering awesome tribes

The institutions we've partnered with have one thing in common:
they need to make it easier to engage.

Easier for their students and innovators. Easier for their alumni and
mentors. Easier for their staff.

Give us easy

North Carolina State University

Students, mentors, staff, and supporters.

Duke University

Students, alumni, staff and supporters.

East Carolina University

Students, local businesses, ecosystem partners, and mentors.

NC State Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Students, alumni, and supporters of the program.


We love simple. So does your community.

Rather than "another system" to sign up for, to log into, Protopia works how and where your students and alumni already do. Because it needs to be easy.

Okay, let's see it