Let's make it easier to connect.

We make communities work through smart and simple engagement.

Good things happen when people connect


Simplicity = More Engagement = Happier Members


Effortlessly manage your community with our smart membership platform.

Connect your members by making it easy to give and get advice, referrals, or help with projects.

Increase engagement and acquire new members through integrated email and social media marketing.


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Your community is full of experts

But how do you make it fast, easy, and respectful for someone to connect to the right expertise, resource, or program?
How do you maximize the ability of busy professionals to share their expertise and know-how?
And how do you scale collaboration and knowledge sharing in diverse networks spanning cities or countries?
Protopia creates sustainable, effective engagement in networks by making it easier and faster to ask for advice, make new connections, and share knowledge.


Who is Protopia for?


Higher Education
Increase engagement by connecting students and alumni on their terms.

Startup Organizations
Connect entrepreneurs and mentors for startup advice and resources.

Non-Profit Organizations
Increase member, stakeholder, and volunteer collaboration.


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Your members get help from their community. You get actionable insights into engagement, expertise, and member needs.