The smartest engagement platform
on the planet

Our AI technology makes connecting super easy.
For everyone.

"Protopia's platform has given us a powerful tool to connect our students with mentors and alumni that want to give back."

Lewis Sheats, Assistant Vice Provost of Entrepreneurship
North Carolina State University

The Golden Rules of Engagement

Remember the last time you enjoyed helping someone?

We are all wired to help because of what psychology calls the "warm glow". It feels really good to make a difference, to be that best version of ourselves, even if only for a few minutes.

So how do you "unlock" that goldmine of goodwill amongst your alumni and mentors?

Keep it simple.

It's never been easier to create new software, new tools, that "silver bullet" that will finally get your community to engage.

We didn't reinvent the wheel. Instead, we let students, alumni and mentors connect through the tools they already use and prefer: Email, Slack, SMS.

So that they can focus on building relationships.

Make it relevant.

Helping is easy and rewarding when you know you can make an impact.

Our technology carefully analyzes skills, interests, location, affinity, and other factors to match a student's request for help to relevant, willing, and available alumni.

And create the very best "fertile soil" for a connection and potential mentoring relationship.

Give them control.

You know what doesn't feel good? Being asked to help when you're busy. When it's not a good time. When it's something you can't assist with.

With Protopia your alumni and mentors control if, when, and how to engage. Guilt-free. In fact, we love no's so that we can simply ask the next expert in the queue if they can assist.

Engagement on their terms.

“With Protopia connecting our entrepreneurs to the right advisors, investors, and corporate executives in our extensive network is a breeze. And I have great insights into how my community is engaging.”

Artur Sousa, Mentor Manager

Call us one-trick pony

There's only one thing that makes our hearts beat faster: connecting people.

Our job is to create serendipity for meaningful, professional relationships between your students, alumni, and mentors.

Oh, and to make your life easier.

You'll bring the community and platform (we can integrate with pretty much anything - or simply use ours), and we'll create magic together.

Let's make connecting easier.

Easier for your students. Easier for your alumni. Easier for you.