We connect all alumni and students

Our AI-powered technology makes it easy and scalable for your community to connect with each other. Because they need it more than ever.

We spark relationships.

We make it simple, fast, and respectful for alumni to help fellow graduates, students and even staff with advice and networking. Because it has never been more important.

Without another app, loss of privacy, or guilt.

They ask.

Everyone in your community needs help (alumni, students, faculty, staff, etc.).

We recruit.

Our AI-enabled technology finds + asks the best, available alumni to help.

Alumni help.

They safely choose if, when, and how to help. Until we’ve got answers.


Connecting Duke alumni and students at scale

Learn how Duke University is making it easy for thousands of alumni, students, staff and supporters to connect for help and networking. Seamlessly integrated with Duke’s alumni portal.

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Super simple.

Asking for help is not easy for any of us. Which is why we’ve made it simpler than ever before.

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No new app

Your alumni are app'd out. They don't have time to sign up for ``another app``. Protopia works seamlessly with what you, your alumni and your students already use.

No spam

We're all overwhelmed with too many messages, too many demands on our already-busy lives. We only ask alumni to help when we have a very relevant request for them.

No guilt

Your alumni want to help but they're busy with their careers and family life (especially these days). We protect their privacy until they agree to help. And if they can't, we'll just ask the next alum.



Building mentoring relationships at NC State University

Protopia helps NC State’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program connect its alumni and student innovators to a global mentor community.

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Protopia works with the platforms you already use

You and your alumni are likely already “app’d out”.

Which is why you won’t get another platform from us. Instead, we seamlessly integrate with the tools and portals you and your customers already use. To make it easy for them (and you) to connect.

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Protopia Integrations

University of Pittsburgh

Pitt’s alumni association selects Protopia to connect its alumni and students for advice and support. join forces to connect students, alumni, faculty, entrepreneurs, and operators for advice and support.

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