Scale career success

Our app-less AI makes it simple and inclusive for every student (and you) to network with alumni for career advice and informal mentorship.

Automated, inclusive career networking

How do you teach the power of networking to students and graduates and unlock the expansive professional network of your alumni for them? 

Protopia gives career services networking super powers.

Simple to engage for anyone

Students ask for advice or mentoring without another app, anxiety, or fear or rejection.

Connect with the best alumni

Protopia's AI recruits the best constituents in your community until we make a connection

Counsel to success

Coach and follow up with students and graduates to help build professional relationships.

The right alum for the right student

Current and past students alike need professional networks to help them succeed in their careers. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Protopia makes it simple, seamless, and scalable to connect your entire community. Without another app.

Here are just some of the students we've connected to fellow graduates for advice and networking.

Community is at the core of what the Wolfpack is all about. Our partnership with Protopia provides the entire Pack opportunities for networking and mentoring.

Jeff Baynham

Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement Services

NC State University

Ready to scale career success?

Make it simple for your graduates and you to connect with alumni who can share relevant career advice and open doors.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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