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We built Protopia to be different: to make giving and getting help from each other simple and humane.

Not another app

Did you know that the average professional uses 35 different apps a day? We yearn to connect with each other but are overloaded by technology that is supposed to make our lives easier.

With Protopia, your alumni and students engage with each other through the tools they already use (email, SMS, Slack, your existing portal) with nothing new to sign up for or learn.

Simpler engagement

Simple is not a pretty UI, lots of help text, and 24/7 support. Simple is letting alumni and students connect on their terms. Without another app, anxiety, or guilt.

We do that by making it easy for students to just ask for help (no big directory), using AI to privately recruit the best experts, and letting alumni respond or pass right from their email.

Private and secure

Privacy and security is not just ensuring your data is safe. It’s also about protecting the time and identity of your alumni – and not make them feel guilty about being busy.

We privately share hyper-relevant requests with a small number of alumni. Only if they choose to help do we introduce the alum to the asker.

Smart automation

Simplicity is important for your community AND for you. Our customers spend 0.1 FTE supporting Protopia so that you can focus on what you do best: building relationships.

Our AI scales smart networking between alumni and students while you retain control over who, what, and when your community connects. And our real-time analytics dashboard gives you actionable insights.

Fast, simple launch

Feature-rich systems that solve all of your problems sound great. But not only are they complex to use, they also often take months to implement.

With Protopia, your alumni and students connect with each other in days or weeks. And it’s easy to onboard campus partners for more use cases such as admissions and academic affairs.

Our alumni, our students, and our team are app’d out. We chose Protopia because we need a simple and scalable tool to let our alumni give back without throwing another platform at them.

Nancy Merritt

Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations

University of Pittsburgh

Ready to connect everyone?

Let our AI help you activate dormant alumni waiting for the right opportunities to help.