Connecting the Wolfpack

NC State University uses Protopia’s no-app artificial technology to make it simple for its 250,000+ alumni, faculty, and students to network with each other.

One Pack

A leading public research university located in Raleigh, North Carolina, NC State University is home to over 36,000 undergraduate and graduate students across 12 colleges and 68 departments. With over 250,000 “Wolfpack” alumni across the globe, there are few more diverse, innovative, and passionate communities in higher education. 

Two successful partnerships demonstrated the potential of Protopia’s frictionless engagement across campus: 

  • NC State’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program connected innovative students to successful entrepreneurs and operators for advice
  • The College of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering integrated Protopia into its curriculum to teach students how to network with alumni

A joint task force of alumni, advancement, and college partners explored how technology could be leveraged to extend the entire “Pack community” into the digital world.

Less Friction, More Data

NC State chose to extend its partnership with Protopia not only because it had already successfully connected communities on campus, but also because of its opt-out, no-app technology that makes engagement simple and scalable. 

  • Engagement is through email, removing barrier of participation
  • Protopia is opt-out versus opt-in, and doesn’t rely on users to sign up and create a new account
  • The platform continuously improves as it receives feedback from users
  • NC State gains updated data from users
  • Protopia captures multiple engagement touchpoints for NC State
  • Far less staff time compared to traditional alumni portals

NC State’s Ask the Pack now gives all members of the Wolfpack an intuitive, frictionless tool to ask for advice, and to get it. 

Community is at the core of what the Wolfpack is all about. Our partnership with Protopia provides the entire Pack opportunities for networking and mentoring.

Jeff Baynham

Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement Services

NC State University

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Protopia's no-app artificial intelligence technology makes the power of your entire alumni network available turnkey throughout the student life cycle.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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