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Alumni, students, staff, and supporters at Duke University use Protopia to seamlessly connect to each other for advice and networking. 

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“How do we make it simple for 180,000+ Blue Devils to network with each other? Without another app to sign up for or use?”

Elevating Engagement

With over 15,000 students, 10 colleges, and a campus in Kunshan, China, top-ranked Duke University has one of the most global, diverse, and passionate communities in the world.

While engagement between alumni, faculty, staff, and students was high, the Duke Alumni Association (DAA) wanted to further elevate it and set goals to: 

  • Create more connections between alumni and students
  • Reach new, unengaged people
  • Create value for participants and campus
  • Improve our data on alumni
  • Increase engagement with existing alumni portal

Seamless Technology

With an existing, comprehensive portal for alumni, the DAA team selected Protopia because it seamlessly enabled all Blue Devils to simply network with each other at launch – without signing up for and using “another app.” 

Alumni, students, faculty, and staff request advice, Protopia’s AI technology finds and privately contacts the most-relevant alumni within Duke’s systems, and matched Blue Devils assist or pass right from their email. 

Key factors to Duke’s decision on Protopia were: 

  • Everyone is automatically enrolled with no registration or for or learn. 
  • Rather than “another shadow database”, Protopia uses Duke’s existing alumni data.
  • No new app for busy alumni and students. They simply use email or SMS to connect with each other. 
  • Protopia’s AI continuously learns to engage alumni with the right “ask” at the right time.
  • Questions are shared with a small number of relevant alumni to show the power of the Blue Devils network. with 

Campus Partnerships

Protopia’s “Circles” gives the Duke Alumni Association and its campus partners a powerful tool to brand Ask A Blue Devil for their audiences while retaining the simple access to the entire Duke network. 

Colleges like the Duke Fuqua School of Business and the Duke Pratt School of Engineering tailored gateways to their own alumni communities as well as the entire Blue Devils network. 

Compelling Results

Watch our webinar with Susan Gordon, Senior Director of Career and Professional Development, as she discusses Duke’s partnership with Protopia.

With a community as large and diverse as ours, we needed a truly different and innovative solution to connect our alumni and students. Protopia’s AI has made networking simple, seamless, and scalable and allowed us to engage so many new people, and all without another app to sign up for or use for our already busy alumni.

Sterly Wilder
Senior Associate Vice President, Alumni Engagement and Development
Duke University


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Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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