Protopia's artificial intelligence unlocks the potential of your entire alumni community

We make it easy to ask for help, and get it. From alumni and donors eager to help - as long as it is easy (no app!), quick, and relevant. At scale.

Convert questions into volunteer opportunities
(It's like a one-armed-bandit of goodwill)

Everyone you touch has question: What school should I attend? What major should I pursue? Is my resume good enough? Which employer is best for me? How do I transition from consulting to the non-profit sector?

Protopia makes it simple to ask, and activates the best alumni and donors to help. All without another app for busy alumni, students, and staff.

Ready to scale engagement with AI?

AI is ready to help you finally deliver on the promise of "life-long community" while boosting career outcomes for graduates and philanthropy for your frontline fundraisers.

We'll be by your side!​


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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