Traditionally, “lifelong learning” in the context of alumni engagement has been synonymous with academic enrichment programs featuring faculty-led discussions and intellectual growth. But in today’s dynamic educational landscape, the definition of lifelong learning is evolving. It now encompasses a broader spectrum, including academic pursuits and critical career education and development opportunities.

During our next webinar, we’ll explore with our expert panelists how alumni engagement practitioners how the term lifelong learning has or should evolve and why. Join panelists Dr. Maria Gallo, Founder and Managing Partner of KITE – Keep in Touch Education, Anne-Ev Enzmann, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement, Advancement at INSEAD, and John Jensen, Executive Director of Alumni and Career Service at Washington & Lee University. 

We will explore the expanded concept of lifelong learning and how it aligns with the diverse needs of alumni at various stages of their lives and careers. We’ll also delve into the transformation of alumni engagement from being purely academically centered to incorporating robust career-oriented programs. This shift recognizes that alumni have multifaceted needs depending on their life stages, from recent graduates launching their careers to seasoned professionals seeking advancement and even retirees seeking intellectual stimulation.

Key Highlights:

Lifelong Learning’s Evolution: We will begin by examining the historical roots of lifelong learning within alumni engagement, shedding light on the traditional academic enrichment focus.

The Addition of Career Education: The webinar will then explore how lifelong learning has expanded to incorporate career education, responding to the professional development demands of today’s alumni.

Understanding Alumni Life Stages: To better address alumni needs, we’ll discuss how different life stages and career phases influence the type of learning opportunities alumni seek.

Meeting Alumni Where They Are: Discover strategies for tailoring alumni engagement to accommodate your alumni community’s diverse learning preferences, career goals, and life stages.

Case Studies and Success Stories: We’ll share real-world examples of institutions that have successfully reimagined their lifelong learning initiatives, inspiring your own alumni engagement programs.

The Panelists

Maria Gallo

Founder and Managing Director of KITE - Keep in Touch Education

Anne-Ev Enzmann

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement, Advancement at INSEAD

John Jensen

Executive Director, Alumni and Career Services at Washington at Lee University

Ryan Catherwood

Network Catalyst at Protopia and Consultant at CMAC


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