Embracing alumni communities of color and difference

In this webinar, host Ryan Catherwood interviews panelists Matthew Winston, Julie Decker, and Ali Gant for a conversation about establishing strong partnerships with volunteer-lead alumni communities and affiliate organizations.

Attendees learn how to effectively partner with groups such as black and latino alumni associations, chapters, or interest groups while reaching goals for delivering on strategies for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. 

The panel shares thoughts on successful programs at both universities and independent schools and discuss strategies and trends for 2022 and beyond. 

The Panelists

Ryan Catherwood

Moderator and Network Catalyst at Protopia

Ali Gant

Chief Advancement Officer at Girls Preparatory School

Julie Decker

President/CEO - FSU Alumni Association

Matthew Winston

Founder and Principle, Frm. Sr. AVP for Alumni Relations, Virginia Tech

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