We often get questions like:

“So is this for students or alumni to get help?”

And we strongly encourage not to think about Protopia through the lens of traditional (outdated?) networking or mentoring platforms that are just for one particular audience.

Networking with those in your community has to be simple and inclusive. That includes faculty looking for alumni for the classroom or their research and staff members recruiting alumni for a career panel or — like in this case — to share their amazing professional career journeys.

You would be surprised what can happen if you make it simple to just raise your hand, and connect to graduates that can’t wait to make an impact.

Let’s do more of this.


The "ask"

“Hello, my name is STAFF MEMBER, and I am a staff member here at Roanoke College. I have been at RC for nine years now.

Later this semester, we will be doing features on our science programs and our science alumni in order to build awareness and support for those departments. In particular, we are looking for alumni who either majored in biochemistry or who work in the biochemistry field, and who are willing to be featured in short social media posts. This will help us to spread the word about our great alumni success and to build support for our current students. If you are interested in being a part of this, please let me know!

Thank you so much for your time and your willingness to help Roanoke students. Go Maroons!

The "give" (one of two responses)

“Thanks for reaching out! I majored in biochemistry (as well as math) and have been working as a research associate in the microbial pilot plant at Novozymes biologicals in Salem since I graduated.

I’d be happy to share a little more about that if you think it would be interesting to current students. Additionally, we are local to Salem and take a couple college-aged interns each summer and would love to have more applicants from Roanoke College!


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