Here’s another question I get at times: 

“Why would a student not feel comfortable reaching out via our platform for help?” 

I may try to have this individual remember a time when they were in trouble, or dealing with a lot of stress. And trying to figure out who to turn to. You may remember how that feels (I do too often). 

Asking for help is never easy. Especially in emergencies, when you’re “down.” 

Here’s a great, recent example of a Pitt student (and repeat user) looking for help after having to relocate to Chapel Hill due to an emergency, but still advancing their prep for medical school. And an amazing Panther responded.


The "ask"

Hello, my name is STUDENT, and I am a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences. I am incredibly passionate about learning from others and would love help from alumni who know much more than I do.

This summer my family is being relocated to NC, near Chapel Hill due to an emergency. As a result, I would be unable to continue my job in Pittsburgh/ gain experience in order to apply to medical school.

I was wondering if any alum had connections or opportunities for me to shadow within the healthcare field, or volunteer clinically. Any opportunity that would help me learn more about medical professionals would help.

I am highly driven and a quick learner!

Thank you so much, and I hope this finds you well. I’m excited to maybe meet Alumni this summer!

The "give"

Please call me: 999-999-9999.

Hi and welcome to Chapel Hill! I’m so sorry you aren’t here for better circumstances. I am the TITLE at the ORG unit at UNC. We have a few opportunities for volunteers and for nursing assistants. You can text or call if you are interested. I know other units have multiple needs if burns aren’t your thing.

Feedback from the student


“After an unforeseen emergency forced me to leave my job, I really needed help finding opportunities over the summer in NC.

Ask Pitt Alumni helped me connect with alumni who lived in the area and offered jobs and resources for me to use. The platform is easy to use and the support is unmatched. I am definitely motivated to participate as an alum once I graduate!”


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