Here is a stat that always surprises leaders we’re speaking to: 75% of students use Protopia for career-related questions.

Asking your alma mater for help is mostly about career advancement and finding your purpose. There’s nobody more motivated to help than “your tribe.” More importantly, nobody’s better equipped to assist since they’re on the same journey (just a bit ahead). 

Here’s a recent example of a Pitt senior asking for help deciding between a project management or medical sales career. Who better to help than those that have had to make that same decision, right? 


The "ask"

Hi! My name is STUDENT and I’m a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying Health Services with a minor in Sociology and a certificate in Global Health.

I am interested a career in either project management (healthcare or science related) or medical sales, but I’m not sure which to pursue or what companies to pursue. There are many medical sales companies, such as Stryker, that are very appealing to me.

But, when I did my internship, my mentor told me that she saw me in a project management role. How should I go about choosing my career path and companies to apply to?

Thank you for any insight you can provide. I truly appreciate your help.

The "give"

Would love to help you explore options and opportunities. I have connections in both Project Management and Sales. Let’s schedule time to connect, my email is alum@bigcompany.com.

Feedback from the alum


“I love that we are giving our students the opportunity to reach out to Pitt alum in their field of interest or desired industry to ask questions, gain insights, leverage career experience and build their network to assist them in their employment search. I am happy to lend a helping hand and hope others will take advantage of this resource.

Hail To Pitt!”


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