Alumni communities are amazing gold mines of expertise and connections. That’s particularly true for entrepreneurs building and growing their startups. Asking for help and insights is (should be) second nature when you have very limited resources. And there are few things alumni are more passionate about then supporting an innovator changing the world.

Below is a great example of a young Pitt alum tapping the community to solve a problem he stumbled on, and an alum offering to help.

The "ask"

Hi! My name is ENTREPRENEUR and I’m a 2017 graduate from the Pitt College of Business Administration, where I majored in Marketing & HR. Currently, I work at a marketing agency, after making a career change in November from tech/software sales.

I am reaching out as I recently started consulting with an investment app startup company at my job and through my research I found what I think it is a potential gap in the market. I’m looking for anyone with experience in investing, especially in alternative assets, that may be able to give me insight into if this idea would make sense and be of value.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The "give"


I am an Economist (Pitt MA 83) I take start ups from idea stage to first-round funding. I may be able to give some guidance. What are you looking for? Do you want me to sign an NDA before proceeding or can we just have a casual conversation. Contact me by EMAIL ADDRESS.



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