I have a special place in my heart for the arts and artists (my daughter is one). Artists more than any other profession follow their passion, and that fearless pursuit bonds alumni of art schools together more than most other institutions. 

I love this (serendipitous) connection from the UNC School of the Arts because they met before, and the responder is clearly excited to re-connect and help their fellow alum. 

These bright spots are amazing in a world that some may say is a bit upside down right now 😉


The "ask"

Hello! I am a dancer who has been living and performing in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade, and I have recently relocated to NYC

I am currently looking for performance and teaching opportunities (particularly any kind of outreach or programing focused on bringing dance education in to schools), to meet people and make connections, and to help strengthen the Pickle community over all. I really appreciate all my fellow alum who have already helped me find opportunities here, and I want to keep that going. If you or someone you know is looking for performers and/or teachers I would love to share more about myself and my work with you!

Looking forward to connecting!

The "give"

Hi ALUM! We met at the alumni event. I’d love to meet up and share all that I know about teaching in NYC public schools and help you connect with programs. My number is 9999999999!


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