I love this:

“Makes me feel more comfortable.” 

Asking for help is hard. We all fear rejection, not being valued or heard, and often choose NOT to ask for assistance. 

If you want them to ask, shouldn’t it be simpler? Questions result in a LOT of value, so let’s get more of them. 


The "ask"

My name is ADMITTED STUDENT, and I am part of the class of 2027 for the Wolfpack. My major is engineering with an intent in computer engineering. I am a bit overwhelmed with college and the information associated with it, so I try to over-prepare, which is part of why I am here 🙂

I just attended the College Of Engineering Overview event online and had some questions I couldn’t ask because of time constraints. I want to ask about what externships and professional societies are. Also, I am a bit confused about the process for the Professional Engineering Licensure. Lastly, I want to ask about Dinner Dialogues and how they work and are since it’s part of the Women & Engineering Program, and I am curious of how to join that program or even if it is joinable.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read and answer my questions. I am forever grateful, and I hope you have a good rest of your day 🙂

The "give"

Hi PROSPECT! Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the wolfpack! My name is STUDENT and I am a senior studying civil engineering.

An externship is an opportunity to shadow employees, get tours of the office/job site, and get information on the company/job. Our Externship Program is a 1 day event that students register for through the Career Development Center. Professional societies are organizations that have student chapters on campus and professional chapters to stay involved post grad. They are a great way to network with students/professionals and develop skills for your career. We have societies associated with most majors and identities so there’s something for everyone! There is a club fair at the beginning of the semester where you can find them and get more information, or your advisor can connect you with them.

The Professional Engineering License (PE) proves that a person has the skills to perform the job and allows them to sign off on plan sheets and make other important decisions. It’s not required in all industries, so ask your advisor/professors about their opinion. There are 2 steps to becoming a PE:

1. Pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE) and the PE exam. The FE content is computer engineering subjects you learned in college (you can google the specifics) Most people take it during senior year or soon after graduation. The PE exam is more difficult exam that people take 2-4 years post grad. NC State offers review courses for both exams!

2. Work for 4 years under a PE. Getting a Master’s degree counts for 1 year of this experience!

The Women and Minority Engineering Program (WMEP) is a club on campus for those who identify as a women or minority. Just visit them at the club fair to join! Guest speakers or companies hiring students come to Dinner Dialogues to share ideas, network with us, and eat! Members get emails about events so you won’t miss out!

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions as they arise! 🙂

Feedback from the prospect


“I had so many questions that I couldn’t find the answers to, until I used Ask The Pack. It’s so helpful and makes me feel more comfortable.”


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