Most questions raised by students (and alumni) are career related. In fact, 75% of all requests focus on internships, jobs, resumes, informational interviews. To progress careers and generate amazing outcomes.

This story, highlighted at the CASE CEAC 2023 conference jointly with LSE, is a fantastic example of not just how students are (and should) leverage alumni, but how alumni respond to relevant, simple requests for assistance. 

Oh, and it took 15 minutes to get the first response (crazy, right?).

Let’s go!


The "ask"

Hi, I’m STUDENT, a first-year undergraduate student studying BSc Politics and Data Science (Department of Government). I am looking to apply for the Google STEP Internship 2023, deadline 11/11.

I would really appreciate some advice from anyone in the LSE community who has either done the STEP internship themselves or works/has worked for Google. In particular, I am looking for advice on what makes a good cover letter when applying to this program. In a meeting with an LSE careers adviser I was told to explain a bit about why I’m interested in Google before explaining why I’d be a good fit for the internship. I’m struggling with this part; I have dreamed of working for Google and have always been strongly drawn to it above all the other major tech companies (I am quite stubborn about this too, was quite upset when I was told that my Chromebook would not be appropriate for my data module!) – I am passionate about their goals of making tech accessible for everyone and of increasing representation in the industry. I just can’t quite put my finger on that specific thing that makes them stand out quite so much. I am hoping that someone with some experience of working/interning for Google will be able to help me with this by sharing your experiences? What is it like? Why do you think they are a good company? And what drew you to Google initially? This might help me to articulate my own thoughts and feelings.

The deadline for applications is the 11th of November, so I don’t have much time. Any comments or thoughts would be hugely appreciated!

Many thanks for your time,



The "give" (one of four responses)

Hi STUDENT – happy to chat and share any insights that might help. I have been working in Google’s Finance and Strategy team for the last 3+yrs after leaving Goldman Sachs as a portfolio manager. It’s been an incredible adventure so far and I can share what drove me to Google as well as what has kept me here!

I’ll share a Google Meet invite to your LSE email, from ALUM@google,com. Feel free to suggest a few days/times and we can adjust accordingly. My hours are in PST.

Warmest Wishes,


The feedback


The outcome

Besides outstanding support from four LSE alumni working at Google, across the four AEM dimensions the request engaged 28 constituents, 5 experiential engagements, four responses, and four donor alerts


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