I often share the human connection between that early career professional (alum or student) and someone who’s eager to share her journey. Because that’s what we do. 

But it’s not the entire story truth be told. Why do universities care about what we do (and how)? Because volunteers are much more likely to donate. Current and future donors want to make an impact, want to feel good about giving their time (and money) to the institution. Which builds a foundation for future and more meaningful giving. 

I’ll share a bit more going forward the true impact of what we do – and the personalized experiences we’re delivering seamlessly to alumni and supporters who are frankly waiting for the right opportunity to engage.

Here’s an “active” story – only about two weeks old. But we’re already seeing amazing results that the institution can convert to more engagement and (eventual) giving. 

Happy Friday!



The "ask"

I am an admitted student hoping to pursue a career in environmental law, specifically in relation to communities of color and marginalized groups. I am currently a litigation assistant with a leading environmental organization and I hope to be able to return to a similar space after law school.

I would like to know more about how the environmental society and overall legal training at Emory has prepared those with career plans similar to my own. What kind of opportunities and mentorship did you have access through career services or externships that facilitated this trajectory?

After law school, I would like to work for a non-profit focusing on environmental justice issues and ultimately, I am curious as to how Emory can prepare me for this career.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate all feedback.

The "give"

Too hot to show you. 

No seriously. Each answer the student has received includes too many personal details, including organizations that this student should take a look at (with offers to make connections). 

The "impact"

So here are the outcomes this engagement has yielded for the institution: 

As I mentioned, this is an active request, but based on the performance so far it will yield nine activated current and future donors and get this admitted student four offers of help (and an expanded professional network). 

Any of the 28 alumni that have not responded to-date will get up to two reminders but the AI will not recruit additional alumni. We’ve already accomplished our goal of two responses showing the prospective student that Emory has an amazing community of passionate alumni (that will help her land a great role after graduation).


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