“Needs” don’t have to be super long (although we do recommend a proven formula for getting help) if you’re concise. The below is a great example for this – but more importantly, it’s a high impact request to truly make a difference. And one that may otherwise take a long time to find the right person (if at all). 

Love how this demonstrates our “finding needles in the goodwill haystack” (that should be a thing, if it is not already) at the push of a button. 

The "ask"

Hi all! 

I will be doing my Master’s Project on the topic of education for Syrian refugees in Turkey. I would love to connect with anyone in the field of emergency education or any alums in Istanbul, as I will be traveling to Istanbul to conduct field research in Dec 2019.

The "give"

You can contact Mr NAME from the Turkish Ministry of Education. He is the advisor in charge of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

His email address is EMAIL.


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