As an entrepreneur, few things excite me as much as someone else just starting on their journey. And the same holds true for alumni: entrepreneurship programs are everywhere. Constituents love the excitement and the potential impact is significant. 

Those are the same reasons fundraisers love student and alumni startups. 

Below is a fantastic example of this: a first-gen Denison recent graduate is “jumping in” and looking for help with their venture. And received great answers!

Let’s start more things!


The "ask"

Hi there! I am a Denison Alum ’21 and I am looking to start a company. I graduated Denison with a major in Global Commerce and East Asian Studies. Currently, I am part of the Orr entrepreneurial Fellowship based in Indianapolis, where I have been for the past 2 years.

As my fellowship experience comes to an end, I hope to combine everything I learned throughout my time at Denison and the professional world to try my hand at starting a company.

It takes a village to raise a child, in this case getting a business off the ground. I would like to have a discussion/ input on go-to-market and product validation.

Some subsections of this conversation may lead to:

1) Regulations on selling food products online.

2) Potential markets for opportunity.

3) Getting the right eyes on the products.

4) How to find to the right people who can help scale.

Your input and contributions will lay the ground work for something exciting.

[Omitted proprietary information]

As a first generation college graduate I understand that community is the key to success.

By taking inspiration from those who paved the way, we can learn together and take each other to the next level.

The "give"

Hi ENTREPRENEUR – I’d be happy to schedule a call with you to provide feedback/thoughts on your business venture. 

FYI – I spent 12 years at Red Bull, 5 years at CLIF Bar, and now am heading-up sales/field marketing at a vertical strawberry farm – we are very much still in start-up phase..so I might have some insights to share that would be helpful to you! LMK what works best and we’ll see if we can get something locked on the schedule.




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