The questions we get from students vary based on where in their journey they are. Freshman, like the below, may be anxious about choosing a major, sophomores and juniors are looking for internships, and seniors – of course – are chasing that first job out of college. 

At some schools, Protopia is integrated into Exploratory Studies for freshman so that they can meet alumni with inspiring careers and speak with them about their major. At one institution this was an exercise available to only a handful of volunteers – but with Protopia they were able to scale it to hundreds of freshman without any additional work for the faculty. Win/win/win for the student, faculty, and gift officers (who of course want their prospects to volunteer).

Let’s do more of that!


The "ask"


This is STUDENT, I am a Freshman at CSUN I am part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences department. Currently I am majoring in Criminology and Justice Studies

I am trying to decide if I should major in criminology and Justice studies to be more attractive to future employers. It would be more coursework and likely an additional semester so I’m wondering is it worth it because I am having trouble on deciding what career I’m gonna do with it after I graduate.

Thank you so much for time, I appreciate it.

The "give"

Please call me: 999-999-9999.

Hi STUDENT! It’s great to meet you – I’m Carlos, and can help you walk through your concerns. I had issues choosing my major too, and wanted to be done with school as soon as possible so I could find a job and make money (to be completely genuine). If you have time, I gave you my cell number so you could text me and we could schedule a call together. I graduated back in 2018, and since then had the chance to do a lot with my degree and my career, and don’t regret CJS at all.


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