Just this week we’ve formally “exited” the pandemic. After three years we aim to return to normal. Though for most of us normal will never come because of persistent illnesses, deaths, crisis, financial impact. 

With students graduating, it’s easy to forget how different their experience was from what they had hoped for, and were promised. Here’s a recent request for help from a Cal State Northridge graduate that highlights one such story. And shows that these shared experiences forge us together. 


The "ask"

Hello, My name is GRADUATE.

I recently graduated from CSUN December of 2022 with a bachelors in Cinema and Television with an emphasis in Tv Production and a minor in Popular Culture.

I need help finding internships/full time jobs in the film industry. I was a part of the many graduates that attended CSUN during the pandemic and due to that, I missed out on the crucial time to apply for internships. I’ve been having a really difficult time trying to find internships/ full time jobs in the film industry. I’m hoping by reaching out to CSUN Alumni, that maybe it would help me find an internship/full time job in the film industry.

Thank you so much for your time.

The "give"

Happy to lend a hand. I work as a Film and Television Editor and while an internship is a great opportunity to make some contacts in your specific field, it sounds like you’d be better suited for entry level work. Do you have a path you’d like to pursue?

I’d suggest something like a small Post Supervision company or a Producer that deals with a number of different indie features. As opposed to a specific larger company. I think something that both pays the bills and helps you build your network would be the best fit. At places like these, you’ll get an opportunity to meet a ton of different creatives.

I’m happy to do a call down the line if you’d like more specifics. Often these kinds of spots don’t offer or list jobs or internships. You may have to make some cold calls or introductions to see if they’d be up for bringing on a recent CSUN grad.

You can email me directly at alum@gmail.com.

Or 999-999-9999.

Thank You

Thank you so much for your response and time. I just sent an email to your personal email and looking forward to hearing back from you. Best, GRADUATE.


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