Very recent but already one of my favorite requests. Because it punched way above its weight with a stunning 100% open rate and 50% clickthrough rate — not to mention the activation of an assigned Major Gift prospect (more details below).

Beyond its impact though, how long would it have taken for the student to find those relevant eight alumni (if at all)? Or a Career Services team member? Artificial intelligence technology makes it possible to find the tiniest of needles in the haystack of amazing alumni, at the push of a button. Even if it is just eight tiny needles.  


The "ask"

“Hi, I am a first year graduate student in the Exercise Science program at App State, focusing on biomechanics research.

After finishing research in the biomechanics lab and graduating, I am interested in pursuing a career in running shoe design. I would like to hear back from any App State alumni who can give some insight for areas to study, how to get into the career field with running companies, and any other related advice.

Thank you for any insight or experiences you can share!”

The "give" (one of two responses)


I’m a graduate of App, and I’ve been working in the Footwear Industry (specifically Running Footwear) for close to 2 decades. I’m happy to chat via Zoom/phone in the coming weeks.

As a biomechanist, your functional expertise and research play a critical role in the development of footwear.”

The "Thank You"


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’d love to set up a Zoom sometime next week. Is there an afternoon that works best for you? My email is STUDENT@appstate.edu.


The feedback


“Great opportunity to connect with current students and support our alumni in their efforts to make the world a better place!”

The outcome

Since the request was aimed at a very specialized industry, only a small number (8) of constituents received it into their email inbox. But the outcomes were mighty: a whopping 100% email open rate and 50% clickthrough rate. 

Philanthropically, it was a smashing success with both responders classified as prospective donors (one of them an assigned Major Gift prospect). 


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