Everything we do starts with a question, and that applies of course to prospective students looking to commit. Is this the right program? Will I thrive there? What can I do after graduation? Is it a good investment? 

And nobody is better qualified to answer these questions than alumni and students at that school. After all, they provide real, hard facts that students should consider as they ponder this important decision. 

So we’re super excited that more and more institutions are using Protopia’s AI technology to connect prospective students to relevant (and approved) alumni to share their perspectives. Below is an amazing example from NC State University that is making the rounds there and at Protopia. 


The "ask"

I am an incoming freshman and considering NC State. I am going to major in Meteorology for the class of 2027.

What is NC State’s meteorology program like? What opportunities would I get through this program that are different? For me, the program of the schools are the most important, and I am mainly focusing on my success. I would like a program that would be the best for what I would like to do, and the National Weather Service is where I would like to get to in my career.

I appreciate all the insight I get! Thank you!

The "give"


Thank you so much for reaching out to Ask the Pack. My name is STUDENT and I am a sophomore and a Marine Science major at NC State. I work within the College of Science’s Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences department (MEAS).

I could not speak more highly of the department that I am involved with. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved especially in undergraduate research at NC State within the department.

My favorite part about being involved in this department is how personal your experience is. Every advisor and faculty member I have worked with has been genuinely interested in the goals and path that I want to take. They take the time to look into resources you may need or opportunities they think would be best for you. If I am not mistaken NC State is actually a partner with the National Weather Service and has provided students with internships in the past. I have provided a link (https://www.weather.gov/rah/virtualtourcollaborations).

Also, feel free to reach out to STAFF MEMBER (xxx@ncsu.edu), she can offer more specifics on Meteorology.

The feedback

STUDENT left feedback of 10 out of 10.

“This was really helpful for me! I will definitely be asking more questions as I think of them, I got matched with someone who did an amazing job answering my question, and even gave me a way to find more information on what I was looking for.”


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