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How about YOU control which alumni and donors our artificial intelligence activates, and how? Go ahead, don't be shy!


Colleges and universities have a lot of institutional processes that guide the experience of stakeholders on and off campus. Few areas have more rules than admissions and giving because their outcomes are so critical to the sustainability of the institution. 

Codifying these rules at scale is hard work: either you hire a lot of people or you use smart technology (this is where AI is going to shine with its ability to learn from humans). 

While our artificial intelligence technology governs who is activated with what request, we increasingly needed a way to systematize these institutional priorities – essentially let administrators communicate these rules to us for execution. One customer asked us to restrict questions from prospective students to only authorized alumni that had been trained and approved on how to engage this most precious audience. Another one asked about prioritizing current and prospective donors in support of their donor experience efforts. 

We started brainstorming amongst ourselves and with customers to understand the “rules of engagement” across the student lifecycle, what data supports those rules, and ultimately how to make it simple and scalable for institutions to communicate their strategies (e.g., “accelerate the donor pipeline”) to us in real-time. 

Meet AI Tags.


Artificial Intelligence Tags

Protopia’s AI Tags give institutions the superpower to influence how our AI engages their stakeholders – by sending us metadata on who they are, what they can do, how the institution wants to manage that alum, donor, student, etc, and more.

For example, an alum with a tag of “admission” may be matched to questions from prospective students while an alum without that tag won’t be. If that alum is also tagged with “volunteer” (because she signed up on the institution’s website to help) then we will give her priority among similarly relevant alumni. 

What tags are available? We’ve got a growing library of tags, but some that may be of particular interest are: 

  • Engaged = Engaged alumni
  • Unengaged = Unengaged alumni
  • Underengaged = Underengaged alumni
  • Major = Major donors
  • Medium = Mid-level donor
  • Minor = Minor donor
  • Lapsed = Lapsed donor
  • Volunteer = Alumni that has signed up to volunteer with heightened expectation of helping
  • VIP = VIP alum (e.g., Board of Trustees member)
  • Approval = Match requires approval from account owner / gift officer(s) identified in CRM

Tags can also be used to describe what colleges and programs alumni & donors care about. For example, if you have a Circle for your business school, then tagged mentors and supporters will be prioritized from business school graduates and students over alumni from other colleges. 

When tags meet strategies, the magic happens. Focused on activating lapsed donors? Once implemented, the AI will overweigh those targets in its portfolio (to your specifications) and backfill with the best, available alumni. 

Reach out to your account manager to discuss how you can use tags to scale your engagement strategies.


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