Donor Experience Alert

Help gift officers build and grow donor relationships by alerting them when a prospect had a meaningful impact experience.


The importance of meaningful experiences on the donor journey is undisputed. Engaged donors are more likely to give, and give more. Which is why more and more institutions are creating donor experience systems and teams. 

Key challenges we’ve heard from those teams are: 

(1) How do I find and serve relevant (personalized) and meaningful experiences to donors, at scale?

(2) How do I maximize the impact of that experience to move the donor down the giving funnel? 

We are already helping with #1 by generating a treasure trove of highly impactful experiences for donor teams (that our AI serves to the right prospect). There are few things donors love more than helping a student or alum walking in their footsteps. We all love talking about ourselves, and seeing that “land” feels like a million dollars. 

I am happy to share that we’re moving the ball down the field for #2. Positive experiences like the micro acts of kindness that we serve have a half-life. As time expires, the “glow” (impact) fades and so the opportunity a gift officer may have to build and strengthen a relationship. 

After numerous conversations and design sessions with customers, I am happy to introduce our Donor Experience Alert: 

Donor Experience Alert

Today in Protopia, we capture granular engagement events throughout the Protopia experience. Delivered and opened emails, questions & answers, feedback and meetings are individually scored and reported to customers who may export real-time data via our dashboard and integrate engagement data into their CRM systems and/or data warehouses. 

To make sure donor engagement officers strike while the iron is hot, we now give institutions the option to let us alert them of that most-impactful experiences a prospect can have: give advice and support to someone from their alma mater.

It’s super easy to activate: Institutions indicate one or more account owners to be alerted of those experiences (or we pull them in right from the CRM) and we email the assigned individual as soon as the donor indicates she had a wonderful experience:  

  1. The request the donor responded to
  2. The impact the donor made
  3. How the donor felt about the experience (with optional testimonial)

We also share contact, employment, and location data to minimize additional lookups (synchronized from the institution’s CRM system). 

Donors love getting recognized for their impact, and this gives fundraising pro’s an opportunity to engage right when we’ve made the prospect happy. 


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