Mentoring doesn’t scale (but you know this already). What does scale is personalized networking using artificial intelligence technology. 

And I love it when a student or alum “gets” what we do, and learns how to “game” the system by submitting several questions with critical variations to network with specific alumni.

Here we have a Duke graduate student using Duke University’s Ask A Blue Devil 21 times in four weeks to network with alumni. Similar request with different organizations (top brands in the finance space) and job titles. 

And it worked like a charm: every question had answers, most of them 2-3 (some 4+), giving that student a critical foot in the door to develop opportunities. The question and answer below is simply one of 21 examples.

Modern career support is exactly that — helping students with networking as the most-successful strategy to get internships and jobs. At scale. 


The "ask"

I am NAME. Master’s student at Duke University studying Master’s in Engineering Management. I am also Graduate Resident Assistant at BUILDING!

I am reaching out to know more about responsibilities of a Program Manager at MasterCard as I came across this role which I found interesting. I have worked as a Product Manager/Technical Program Manager at COMPANY, specifically with fin-tech clients and would want to connect with someone at MasterCard.

I really appreciate you taking out your time to answer. Thank you!

The "give" (one of five responses)

Hi! I don’t have too much knowledge to share about being a PM – I went over to MC from an acquisition, but I did really like the company and the leadership (Ajay Banga was the CEO at the time). Their stock does well and they treat their employees well.

I’m happy to share your resume or put you in contact with some folks from there if you’re interested in a particular role, or if you just want to learn more. My contacts are on the consumer marketing side. Let me know!


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