It’s pretty hard to “find our calling.” Most of us never do (I was fortunate enough to be able to “jump” into Protopia). It takes courage, persistence, mentorship, serendipity. 

The below is a great story of “chasing that dream” with a student looking for roles at the intersection of finance (great career field) and music (his passion). 

Finding someone who has been down that path to support you is really hard. And I love that we were able to connect him to a Michigan Econ alum who, as you can see below, is very excited about sharing that love of music with him. 

The "ask"

Hi, my name is STUDENT and I am currently a senior studying economics with a minor in entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan.

As an economics student, most of my coursework as led me to believe that I would make a good fit within a finance role. For a long time, I thought this meant that I had to find work within a big bank or even a consulting term if I wanted to properly hone my skills and be a productive worker. While this idea interested me, it didn’t exactly excite me. Away from school, my real passion is music; I love to listen as well as play every single day. From what I’ve learned, it is important to align your career with your interests. That has led me to take in interest in working the finance side of a record label.

I’ve had some experience in financial networking, but it seems a lot different for music companies. There are not as many available jobs because the companies are typically smaller than banks, and they release applications on a more rolling basis. It seems to me that I need some sort of “in” to find myself at an interview.

I was curious to know if you had any advice on how exactly to go about finding connections within the music industry. I believe that, because it is a pretty exciting realm of work, a lot of people would like to work within it, thus saturating the market for employees. I have been struggling to get responses on sites like linkedin, which I imagine is because employees see these messages all the time.

Are there any organizations I can join to better position me to find a job? Please let me know if you have any tips on how to properly connect myself with those already broken into the industry. Thank you for your time.



The "give"

Hey bud.

I’m a music guy and Econ guy from U of M too!

In fact back in the day my Band from Ann Arbor won the nationwide search for the “best college band in the country on MTV. And yeah that’s when the “M” stood for Music!

Imagine that! Send me a text and I’d be glad to connect you up with some peeps from the Biz. It’s changed a TON since the days of yore but it’s still music and getting it out and working within today’s models and finding the love in it first. 

Send me an email at EMAIL and or text to PHONE NUMBER TTL. 👍🏻🤘🏻🎸🥁🎤😎Rams


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