Voila! Now it’s easy.



You ask for help your way

Tapping into the expertise of the organization couldn’t be easier: when you need help you send us your request via email, text, Slack, or even right from your desktop through a web browser.
No new app to install and no fumbling for login information. Simplicity matters.


We find the needle in the haystack

Our machine learning technology continuously scours the organization to find members that may be able to help right now based on what we know about them, preferences, and past engagement.
We are eliminating membership directories.

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We only ask the right experts

The request for help is “advertised” only to a handful of highly-targeted experts in your community that have the right experience, background, and location – and that are available to help right now.
Relevancy is critical to engagement.


We assure control & respect

Your experts decide if and how much they can assist: simply reply to the message with insights, offer a phone call, or schedule a meeting. Recruit another, qualified expert. Or guilt-free say ‘no’ this time around.
Nobody should feel bad for not being able to help.




You gain speed and productivity

Your members have an “Easy Button” for networking.
Your experts help on their terms.
And you gain invaluable insights into organizational expertise, collaboration, and learning opportunities across your community.
Win. Win. Win.


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