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There are 250,000 alumni standing by to support you with advice and networking. All you have to do is ask.

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Alumni love helping students and fellow alumni. So what’s one question you have for someone who’s done what’s ahead of you?

How it works

You ask

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`”Connecting students with mentors who have the right levels of expertise is really helpful. I think that’s what made this experience so much more beneficial. The platform itself is super efficient. But for me, as a student, I think the quality of people and consistent communication was the biggest appeal and the reason why I will continue to use the system again and recommend it to other student-entrepreneurs. I’m going to make sure they know about Ask an Alum.”

Caitlyn Smith

Senior at University

“The opportunity to receive mentoring is the reason I came to University. I thought Ask an Alum was super easy. You just fill out the online form and then get an answer by having someone reach out to me within 36 hours. In my case, I was able to easily schedule a meeting with my mentor. She helped me understand the pros and cons of each option and, more importantly, think through how I approach each one as well as the next steps and tools I need to follow through..”

Leah Meyer

PhD. student of philosophy in psychology at University

“I was looking for entrepreneurs to talk with and get feedback on how they run their businesses. Ask an Innovator was user friendly and it didn’t take too long to submit my request nor receive feedback. From my experience, one of the few good things that has come out of the pandemic is being able to connect with more people through virtual meetings, having one-on-ones with different people and learning from their experiences.”

Tyrell Bell

Senior at University

Go ahead and ask

It has never been simpler to get help from others that have done what’s ahead of you. Seriously.