Protopia Pricing

We built Protopia to be simple. So we did the same for our pricing. 

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    What kind of institution are you?

    Equitable, transparent pricing starts with who you are serving: (1) Community colleges, (2) HBCU / MSI), (3) Public institution, and (4) Private institution.

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    How many total alumni do you have?

    Our artificial intelligence technology smartly analyzes all of contactable alumni to activate the alumni and donors that you care.

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    Are you collaborating with campus partners?

    Are you empowering your campus partners (e.g., admissions, career services and colleges) to leverage your alumni community?

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    Can we assist with managed services?

    Even though it takes very little staff time to support Protopia, sometimes you can use a leg up to maximize the impact.

Let's see it

To be fully transparent, here’s a real example that shows you how we equitably price Protopia.

A private liberal arts college with 20,000 total alumni and donors wants to (finally!) connect its entire community of prospective, current, and past students. 

The small institution does not need separate gateways for campus partners (not to start) but chooses our managed services to augment its team and leverage our expertise.

The institution commits to a (standard) three-year contract with an annual license based on 20,000 constituents, a commensurate managed services fee, and a one-time implementation fee

Next, one of our account directors schedules a kick-off call with the institution’s team with the goal of launching in four weeks. That is: everyone in their community can give and get help from each other from Day 1, with no new app to sign up for or use. 

One last hurrah to that!

Let's talk

Curious if artificial intelligence can help you activate your alumni and donors, at scale? Looking to make engagement simpler -- or make what you already have work better?


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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