AI-Powered Alumni and Donor Engagement at LSE

You and a guest are invited to an interactive invitation-only event at LSE’s Alumni Centre on Wednesday, November 8th, 3 pm¬†to learn how they scaled engagement to all of their alumni and students through artificial intelligence (but without another app).

The LSE team will share how they:

  1. Made a compelling business case to internal stakeholders
  2. Launched and marketed the new Ask An Alum solution 
  3. Exceeded first-year engagement and volunteering goals
  4. Activated prospective donors through lead alerts in support of LSE’s capital campaign

You will also see a demo of LSE’s Ask An Alum and be able to ask the team and Protopia’s founder questions.


The event is sponsored by Protopia, the artificial intelligence vendor chosen by LSE to power their global engagement solution. LSE and Protopia will present their CEAC 2023 presentation followed by a 30-60 Q&A session for attendees. 

Your information will be solely used for the registration. Upon registration, we will confirm your attendance and share location information with you via email.

First come, first serve. The event is limited to 20 attendees so please register early.