Keeping It Simple

is really hard

How does Protopia work?

No fancy mobile app. No logins. No documentation. If you know how to text and send email, you know how to use Protopia.

Our secret sauce is invisible because we focus on a human-to-human experience that is easy, fast, and effective. We could bore you with our technology that finds members in your network with the right expertise, engages them at the right time, and delivers the right insights. But instead let us show you.


We use the world’s oldest mobile app: email. Because everyone knows how to use it. In fact, 86% of professionals prefer emails for business communication.
A member of your organization simply sends us an email (we recommend an email address on your domain so that it is ‘familiar’) and we determine what it is they need help with based on who they are and what they are asking. We then send it to 5, 10, or more carefully-matched, relevant, willing, and available experts in your network via – you guessed it – email.


Helping couldn’t be easier: Matched experts reply to the email with their insights or offer a call / meeting to engage further. They can also share it with someone in their network who may be able to assist.
And here’s the key: they can guilt-free say ‘no’ and our technology simply reaches out to the next expert in the queue (which are stack-ranked based on our proprietary relevancy algorithm).
We do encourage experts to let us know why they’re not able to assist so that we can match them in the future.


We aggregate and share the insights or connection request immediately and only with the requesting member of the organization. And then follow up to understand the quality of the advice or engagement, and if they acted on it.


Last, but not least, program administrators have access to all requests, advice, and a rich membership directory in our platform to gain valuable engagement insights.


What we’re most proud of, however, are the things that are tougher to measure.
The human-to-human intelligence we enable. The insights we discover. The connections we forge. The organizations we accelerate.