How is Protopia different?

Protopia happens when you break the mold of engagement software and humans how they want to connect.

No new software

Nothing to sign up for
Nothing new to learn
Everyone participates from day 1

3-7% participate

Long sign-up process
Another app to learn
3-7% alumni sign up, 1-3% engage regularly

We are super simple

Just ask a question
Use the tools you already love (email, SMS, Slack)
Alumni can privately “pass”

They are, uhh, complicated

Find and ask multiple alumni in a directory
Use their portal to engage
3-7% alumni sign up, 1-3% engage

We save you work

Our AI manages all the matching and engagement
Average of 0.2 FTE to support Protopia
We can be live in days or weeks

They add a lot of work

You monitor & escalate continuously
1 or more FTE to manage
Launch in weeks or months (or longer …)


Let us show you just how much simpler engagement can be.

Let’s talk!

Curious if Protopia can help you connect your alumni and students?We’d love to show you how it works and figure out if it is right for you.