Protopia makes alumni happy

Supercharge your alumni network

Our artificial intelligence technology generates donor leads by making it simple for all of your alumni to volunteer throughout the student journey. Automated and without another app.

“What stood out for us with Protopia’s solution is that it is platform-agnostic and all of our alumni are automatically included as advisers.”

Sterly Wilder

Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

Duke University

Protopia makes it simple for every alum to support future, current, and past students with advice.*

* All through the tools they already use (such as email, SMS, Slack). Without another tool to sign up for or learn.

Advise prospective students

Increase enrollment by making it simple and safe for alumni (and students) to share insights with applicants.

Share career insights

Connect students to alumni for career advice, informational interviews, resume reviews and networking.

Support other graduates

Help alumni leverage their alma mater for networking and professional development.

What if AI could help you build more + better donor relationships – by turning any alum into a volunteer?

This is not your father’s

alumni engagement platform

We know you’re thinking, “It can’t be THAT simple. Oh, but it is.

Check out how we help you and your alumni use what you’ve already got.


Let us show you just how much simpler engagement can be.

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