Let’s tell more stories

Everyone loves a good story. It’s how we have conveyed knowledge and learned around campfires for thousands of years.

While we don’t encourage campfires in the office, we love stories. Stories of students looking for help after a rescinded job offer and alumni jumping into the breach with encouragement and opportunities. Or young alumni looking for advice on first-time management roles, graduate school, or (these days) working remotely – and receive incredibly insightful and actionable responses from graduates that have “been there, done that.”

We capture and report a LOT of data while sparking these relationships. Data on who we have asked to assist (and why), who helped how (or not), who updated their data, user satisfaction, and much, much more. And we share all of it via our analytics dashboard (or right in your favorite app) for you to convert to action.

Protopia Story Mode

But not all of us can be left-brained data geeks relishing click-through rates and engagement scoring.

So we’re excited to launch our new Story Mode feature for the right-brained storytellers among you. In the Dashboard you can now switch to this new mode to better understand who, when, and how alumni and students engage with each other.

See when a student says “Thank You”, how an alum rated her experience, and when she updates her data (optionally directly in your alumni database) to receive better matches.

But be warned – some of these stories are tearjerkers.

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