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Most of our reviewers are more than willing to share insights on how to make your resume more effective (be careful what you wish for …). While voting is free, you can purchase our Feedback package during the sign-up process to get 3-5 suggestions from each reviewer to help you understand how to better present yourself. And no, they won’t tell you what to wear.
To make sure you get the very best, unbiased feedback on your resume from hiring managers, human resources professionals and executives, we are keeping identities under wraps. Think of it as a Venetian mask: you simply don’t know who you’re dancing with at the carnival (unless you’re a really good guesser …).

Now some of our reviewers may choose to reveal who they are because they’re interested in you, but that’s up to them.

We really care about getting you unbiased insights so we carefully qualify each reviewer to make sure they have the right experience and indeed are who they say they are. We spot-check references and employers to make sure that they have the right professional background to share their opinion with you.

Great question, we get this a lot. In short, not yet.

However, we think of your resume like your car: it needs on-going maintenance; TLC. Just like your LinkedIn profile, we recommend an annual update of your resume so that you can always make a great first impression and showcase your accomplishments. To your boss, your professional network or your next date (no, wait – that we do not recommend).

Our request of reviewers is to review your resume within five business days because of, you know, day jobs. Plus, we want to make sure they spend enough time on your resume. You know what they say about art: it takes time.

That’s true especially in niche categories with special skills or few practitioners. So if you are a nuclear physicist, please be prepared to wait even longer.

We’d love to have you back! Make your tweaks, incorporate the feedback, and re-submit it to see if your score improves (it should). The cool thing is that in most cases you’ll get different reviewers and different perspectives.
We have reviewers that would be more than willing to answer questions or possibly talk about opportunities they may have in their companies or teams. The decision to do so is completely up to the reviewer (though we encourage it).
We ask our reviewers to provide feedback within 3 business days so that professionals get good insights in time for active opportunities.
Not only do we allow you to engage the individual whose resume you are reviewing, but we highly encourage it. We respect your privacy, but also believe that Protopia can help build new professional relationships that enable great adventures.
Our goal is to recommend top-rated career service professionals to professionals with resumes that perform significantly below the benchmark (normal score for a function & industry). If there are multiple prospective partners that a professional can select from in any geographic area, we may use an algorithm to determine the best match – or let the individual choose based on your profile.
Out of the gate we will not permit direct marketing but may allow in the future professionals to opt into communication from career services providers.