Simpler Engagement

for everyone

We make it easy for your alumni, students, faculty, staff, and supporters to connect at scale.

Easy to ask. Easy to give. Easy to manage.

Super duper easy

look ma, no hands!

If you are like other communities we work with, then the thought of new software gives you a headache.
So we set out to build a simple, easy, and effective tool to work FOR you, not thanks to you.

We’ve got extra ibuprofen – call us.

Easy For Your Heroes

Entrepreneur in need of advice or a connection? Have her send a simple email (or Slack message) to a trusted email address on your domain.

We analyze who and what is being asked, and find the best, available experts and resources automagically.

Easy For Your Advisers

We email the request a handful of the most-relevant advisers (who remain anonymous – it has to be easy to say ‘no’) until we get a “bite”.

Advisers can now choose not only IF to assist but also HOW: quick advice or referral, a call, or a meeting.

Easy For Your Organization

We connect the adviser to the entrepreneur and coach her to follow up to build a new professional relationship.

Then we dig in to understand how well the connection worked to give you critical insights and feed our matching algorithms.

Oh, and we’ve got data

Who’s asking for help and for what? Who are your most (and least) engaged mentors in the community?
How many marketing, operations, or biomedical engineering experts do you have?

We love data. And you will too with our analytics dashboard.

More Time, Not Less

Connecting makes us tick

and your heroes need it

Giving Back is at our core

We are proud to be a certified B-Corporation that is committed to making a positive impact for our team, our community, and the environment. And we’re always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team.