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Our artificial intelligence technology connects people to people at scale.

Without another app, fear, or guilt.

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Higher Education

Increase engagement and donations by connecting your alumni, students, staff, and supporters for support and mentoring.


Grow and retain membership by connecting members, partners, community, and staff for advice and networking.

This is not your father’s engagement platform

We know you’re thinking, “It can’t be THAT different. Oh, but it is.

Check out how we have finally made connecting simple.

We’re the networking Easy Button

Simple for them. Simple for you.

No App

Nothing new to sign up for. Your experts use their existing tools to respond to questions or update their data.

Your wise alumni are busy - Protopia doesn't make helping hard
No Spam

No superfluous messages. Only questions matched to their unique background and expertise.

Protopia does not waste alumni's time by only asking for help with relevant requests
No Guilt

No breaking the chain. Confidently pass knowing that we’ll ask the next best expert to help.

Protopia makes your alumni feel good about your institution
This is not another Facebook.

No new portal for you to administer and support. Just actionable engagement insights.

Your alumni don't want another LinkedIn or Facebook
Live in weeks, not months.

You can be running Protopia in a week and connecting your entire community.

Protopia launches in days and weeks, not months
We handle the guts. You get the glory.

We do the heavy lifting so you can spend more time doing human things.

Protopia lets you focus on strategic tasks

“Our alumni, our students, and our team are app’d out. We chose Protopia because we need a simple and scalable tool to let our alumni give back without throwing another platform at them.”

Nancy Merritt

Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations

University of Pittsburgh


Let us show you just how much simpler engagement can be.

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