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Our alumni love helping students. So what's one question you have for an alum who's done what's ahead of you?

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"I plan to relocate to Los Angeles upon graduation in the Spring of 2020. Not familiar with the best employers and looking for recommendations."

"A good place to start is always Glassdoor. Take a look at Smith + Wallace in Long Beach, they're doing some cool stuff. Reach out to Cathryn Adams, let her know I sent you. "

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"I am looking for experts for a capstone project on autonomous vehicles that I can interview on the challenges and opportunities in this area."

"I have a colleague at Waymo in California who is one of the most renown experts in this area. I will forward your request to him and am sure he'd love to help."

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"I have been interested in working with animatronics in the future and am wondering if anyone has gone in a direction that could be considered non-traditional for any reason. I would like to hear your story and learn about obstacles you may have faced taking this path."

"I am happy to share more about my career path. Why don't you find some time on my calendar for coffee or lunch?""

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How it works for students

You ask for help

Complete a short questionnaire or simply send an email to

We recruit the best alumni

Connects finds and asks the most-relevant alumni to assist.
Until you have been helped.

You get a response

Alumni will share advice or offer you a call (or meeting).
Usually within a week.

Student FAQ

Looking for the alumni FAQ? Click here.

  • What can I ask?

    Literally anything to help with your academic life (projects, research, etc.) or professional development (internships / jobs, career choice, etc.). There are hundreds of alumni with very diverse experiences and backgrounds available to help.

  • How long will it take to get an answer?

    Our goal is to get your answers within 3 business days. But it depends on what you're asking and how many alumni have that expertise. It can go as quickly as an hour to as long as 10 days.

  • How many responses will I get?

    The number of answers depends on how many alumni have relevant experience and are available to provide insights. It may be one, three, five or more.

  • How many questions can I ask?

    As many as you want to. We'll likely match you up with different alumni every time and you'll make awesome connections.

  • Can I select alumni to answer my question?

    No. We match alumni based on availability, proximity, and competency (among many other factors) and take into account how often an alum has helped in the past.

  • Can I ask follow-up questions?

    We strongly encourage you to reply and ask for additional help or insights from the individual who replied.

  • What if I don't get an answer?

    While we work hard to get you a reply, in rare cases we may not be able to get you an answer.

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