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Hi, I’m a senior graduating this May and have been accepted to a Masters in Cognitive and Behavioral Ecology program in Canada!

Unfortunately, my field work this summer may be canceled, which would push back my start date to next January or May. Any ideas for work in biology, animal behavior, or another related field I could do in the meantime?

Thank you!

Hi STUDENT – I got your question via CONNECT.

I am a research director at Biogen in Boston and would be happy to talk to you about potential opportunities here. The virus makes forecasting a bit harder,

Hi STUDENT – Fellow biology graduate here (2005).

While our budgets have been slashed, we are looking for someone part-time to help us with a primate study starting in June. Send me your resume and I’ll pass it along, if you are interested. 

My fiance lives in London and I plan on moving from the States to London in July 2021. I currently live in Montana and work in economic development and love it, but I’m wanting to start making connections in London for when I move there and start the job search.

Or, alternatively, should I be looking for and applying to jobs before I move there? I’m wondering if another alum has been in a similar situation.

Thank you!

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