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Protopia Circles seamlessly make your alumni network available to campus community partners through gateways uniquely branded for colleges, schools, faculties, and administrative units.

Without the administrative burden or the headache and confusion of disparate systems.

Here are just some of the innovative institutions using Circles to power campus partner communities

Too many demands

There are many opportunities for your alumni to help students, faculty, staff, and fellow graduates. And disparate portals, databases, and expectations make engagement hard for busy professionals. 


With Circles you can finally bring the full power of the entire alumni network to colleges, schools, and departments while amplifying their unique brands.

Colleges & Programs

Partner with your colleges to give them turnkey access to alumni while amplifying their unique brand and value.

Support Partners

Circles gives your partners in Admissions, Career Services, and Innovation simple access to all alumni.

Target Audiences

Create Circles for distinct stakeholders such as regional alumni networks, parents, staff, or faculty.


Circles help you support distinct brands and messages while maintaining a single, cohesive alumni network.

Let's partner

Your alumni can (and want to) add significant value everywhere on campus. Let us show you how easy it can be for you and for your community partners.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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