“Connecting students to our alumni with Protopia has been a breeze. It literally runs on its own and helps us create meaningful relationships.”

Lewis Sheats

Assistant Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship

NC State University


NC State is the largest university in North Carolina with 12 colleges representing all major academic fields and more than 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered through 65 departments.

With a program this expansive and impactful, it is hard for students to find the right fellow “Wolf” in the pack to get advice from, or network with.


Individual colleges and programs deployed custom-branded versions of Protopia based on their needs (yet tapping into a shared database of alumni).

For example, NC State’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program connects students with alumni and mentors for advice on how to build and grow ventures. Its Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program uses Protopia within the classroom to teach engineering students how to network with alumni for academic and career guidance.


Over the last three years, hundreds of students and thousands of alumni have been connected for advice on academic projects, graduate school, job opportunities, and more.

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“The interactions have been very meaningful for the students and rewarding for the alums. Students have asked for help in a range of areas including: resume review, interview skills, large vs small company attributes, benefits of Coop and Internship experiences, and many more.”

Jeffrey Eischen

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Student Affairs, NC State MAE

“It is incredibly powerful to be able to cast a wide net and have my question send to relevant alumni in the network simultaneously. Those mentors who believe they can help on my specific need can choose to respond.”

Preston Finnie

Program Manager


“This is a great program! I wish I would’ve known about this while I was still at NCSU. I enjoyed helping where I could and look forward to connecting with another student,

Ryan Christopher

Project Development Engineer

Piedmont Service Group

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Protopia helps innovative institutions connect all of their alumni and students for advice and networking. Without a new app, spam, guilt, and all that hard stuff. Oh, and with no more work for your team.

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