Alumni networking in the classroom

The University of Michigan integrated Protopia into its curriculum to teach students how to build relationships with alumni. 

Overcoming networking anxiety

ENTR407 introduces each semester students to innovative alumni to inspire and help build mentoring relationships. With alumni asking to help and make an impact, most students were unsure how to engage and ask alumni for advice. 

The faculty needed a tool to teach (and grade) students how to network, scale it to the entire class without more work for the team, and do so without signing up for or learning a new app.
  • 3,500+ high profile alumni and mentors 
  • 400+ students in class

Networking "on their terms"

The faculty launched Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology in the Fall of 2020 and fully integrated it into the curriculum as a required assignment in the Spring of 2021. 

Students were coached to ask questions that were matched to and shared with the best alumni. High-profile, busy alumni, automatically enrolled, privately chose to assist or pass right from their email with nothing new to sign up for or learn. And faculty has access to real-time, in-depth analytics to grade the assignments. 

  • Engagement is through email, removing barrier of participation
  • Protopia is opt-out versus opt-in, and doesn’t rely on users to sign up and create a new account
  • The platform continuously improves as it receives feedback from users
  • Michigan gains updated data from users
  • Protopia captures multiple engagement touchpoints for NC State
  • Far less staff time compared to traditional alumni portals

AI-powered engagement

View our webinar with the faculty team at the University of Michigan hear their goals for AI-powered professional networking in the classroom, how it structured the assignments, and how alumni + students responded to the initiative.  

Or download the case study at the top of the page. 

User Testimonials

“The tool was very easy to use and the response I received was very worthwhile. I loved the willingness of experienced practitioners responses. I will definitely be using the service again.”
“Great experience! I loved the simplicity and effectiveness. It was a seamless communication and I loved being able to help a fellow Wolverine.”
“The platform that U-M uses to enable me to communicate my feedback could not have been easier or more pleasant to use. It was 10 minutes out of my week with an incredibly high time:reward ratio.”

Ready for AI to scale donor engagement?

Protopia's no-app artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for your alumni and donors to help fellow graduates throughout the student lifecycle - increasing enrollment, career success, and giving.


Protopia’s artificial intelligence technology makes it simple for everyone in your community to connect. Without another app. 

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