One global Blue Devils network

“How do we make it simpler for 180,000+ Blue Devils to connect? Without another app?”

Top-ranked Duke University needed a simple, scalable tool that complemented its existing tools without taxing its staff, alumni, or students.

Why a new tool?

The Duke Alumni Association wanted to

  • create more connections
  • activate new, unengaged alumni
  • create value for users & campus partners
  • improve alumni data

Why Protopia?

Duke partnered with Protopia because

  • it required no new app for alumni & students
  • all of its alumni are automatically enrolled
  • it connected students to many, relevant alumni
  • it uses Duke’s existing alumni data

Does opt-out work?

Alumni are already taxed with too many apps in their lives (on average 35!).

With Protopia, they are only contacted when a request is highly relevant to their experience, location, skills, and other factors.

Fewer than 0.02% of alumni have opted out.

How do you drive adoption?

The Duke Alumni Association engaged colleges, career services, student affairs, and other campus partners to get the word out


Engagement between alumni and students


Activation of unengaged alumni


Usage of Duke’s alumni portal

What stood out for us with Protopia’s solution is that it is platform-agnostic and all of our alumni are automatically included as advisers.

Sterly Wilder
Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs
Duke Alumni Association

Ready to connect everyone?

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