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With a community of more than 175,000 alumni, Ask A Blue Devil will connect you with the best Duke alumni experts who can help you with advice and introductions.

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Blue Devils love helping students and fellow alumni. So what’s one question you have for someone who’s done what’s ahead of you?

First, I want to say thank you. Ask a Blue Devil has been such an amazing system for me. Both times I have used it I have been contacted by multiple generous alum. Most recently it has helped me find a remote internship for this summer. I definitely intend to use Ask a Blue Devil again and would highly recommend it to others.

Peter L.

DUKE ’21

The Duke Community is differentiated by its overabundance of engaged, helpful and expert alumni in all fields and all parts of the world. “Ask a Blue Devil” facilitates connections between community members needing assistance and alumni that can provide it. When I needed mentorship, support and encouragement for an unfamiliar project, I turned to the platform. In short order I received boundless, genuine support and guidance from accomplished and expert alumni. This very powerful tool should be utilized by those seeking knowledge or new understanding.

Mark B.


I think the best part of this platform is that I can do less reaching out on my part and have relevant people answer me at the same time.

Jack X.

DUKE ’20


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