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Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“Hi, my name is Abby and I am a sophomore. I plan to pursue medicine, but I have recently become more interested in user interface / user experience.

I would love to speak with alumni working in the field who have advice for someone in my position. I am hoping to learn about resources and faculty who you found helpful, your experiences in general and what your daily work looks like. I would also find it incredibly helpful to shadow someone to determine if I truly see myself working in the field.

Thank you!”
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“I am Sari, a rising senior. I am interested in helping provide resources to marginalized groups of people. My goal is to be able to help people overcome inequality and oppression.

I would like to speak to alumni who share either of my majors (Sociology / Gender, Sexuality and & Feminist Studies) for advice on a career path, internships and how to prepare myself for life after graduation.

Thank you for your time.”
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“Hi – I hope you’re doing well. I am Farah, an international student and a junior majoring in psychology. I’m considering a master’s degree in clinical psychology and then a career in therapy.

For alumni pursuing a career in therapy, how did you know practicing therapy was the right fit? For other psychology graduates, what other career options did you consider or are currently pursuing?

Thank you!”
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“My name is Jeremy. I graduated in ’17 with an economics degree. I am applying for MBA programs in the hope of pivoting to direct-to-consumer or business-to-consumer marketing. My long-term goal is to become a chief marketing officer or consumer experience leader..

What type of experiences should I focus on gaining during my MBA to position myself after the two years?”

Thank you in advance for your help!
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“I am a 2018 grad currently working in nonprofit consulting, but I am interested in computational linguistics and am debating applying to grad school. I am a bit nervous about the job prospects in this field.

Is anyone available to discuss this type of degree or work, as I try to determine what a job in this field would be like? I would love to know the variety of opportunities available, and whether or not pursuing a grad program makes sense for me.

I really appreciate your assistance. Jayne”
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“I’m Antoine and I am currently working in academia but am looking to transition to the private sector.

I’d like to get feedback on what careers or companies would be interested in a PhD in theoretical physics who has good communication and quantitative skills, and largely only experience in academia.

Thank you for your assistance.”
Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.
“Hi there. I’m Ned and I earned an MBA in 2010. I am a managing director with a consulting firm. I’ve finally convinced myself it’s time for a change and am looking to transition to a more product-centric organization/digital health. I have just gone through a series of actions to be prepared for that, resume updates, networking, etc.

I am looking for someone to talk through other strategies to find the right fit for someone at my level.

Thank you and I look forward to connecting.”

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